Facebook´s Moments App

Facebook is unstoppable. And right now, it is more than sure. It is because of its new app called Moments, which was created in order to make it easier for users to share their photos with their Facebook friends. However, it does much more right now! At first, the app groups your photos into particular moments and also suggests you to share these photos with friends which are on the photos! Ain´t that awesome? Or crazy? Well, that does not matter. Another exciting thing about this app is that right now, it can automatically creates video collages of your moments! Well, that is just awesome, apparently, you do not have to do anything when you want your photos posted.


Facebook: Private And Public Events

If you like to use Facebook when planning an event, you might find these changes that Facebook made very positive! Well, there definitely is a reason why you should. Because apart from separating private events from public events, it has added some more features you may really enjoy.

Public events will become much more informative introducing additional info about the artist or venue where the event will happen. Also, some options such as “Join” are replaced with other more relevant ones, which will better determine the commitment to the event. For more features, simply try to plan an event!

Well, we hope that these changes will improve your event planning on Facebook!


Users Will Find It Harder To Change The Default Browser On Windows 10

And Mozzila is angry with Microsoft because of that.

I know that you are probably excited with new Windows, but here is something you might want to know about. If you still remember, it was quite easy to change your default browser on older versions of Windows. However, it is not like that now.

The change of a default browser requires now a lot more effort. And it is probably because Windows wants you to use their browser – Microsoft Edge which should replace the old Internet Explorer which everybody avoided using. Well, the time will show whether this step really worked for Microsoft.


Will Drones Be Delivering Our Packages?

Well, would it not be awesome? If you just ordered your package and a drone would then bring it right to your hands? Believe it or not, it might be the truth soon. Because Amazon intends to buy air space in order to start delivering their goods using drones.

The zone should be set between 200 and 400 feet above the ground. Kimchi, Amazon Prime Air project vice president thinks that it is the best placement for these drones – 100 feet of empty space above them will keep them safe from other aircraft. Right now, however this is all just a matter of planning.


Watson Will Be Able To Assess Your Personality

IBM´s Watson is a supercomputer which should be able to judge your writing. However, it is not the only superpower that this supercomputer has. You can expect it to do much more that that!

One very great thing which Watson can do is assess your personality. The service called Personality Insights can analyze you from the text you have written (it should be at least 100 words) However, do not get too excited. It is not always 100% right. However, there is a way to help it. Use the most personal text. Something which reflects you best. And wait for what Watson has to say to you.


Britain: It Is Now Illegal To Rip CDs For Personal Use

Well, it seems that the happy time is over. For a year it was legal to rip CDs and DVDs for personal use, however, now the High Court has made an end to it. So from now on, ripping CDs is illegal. Even if it is for personal use. Apparently, artist are thrilled. £58 million a year were robbed from them by this act. And now they will have their money right where they need it.

Well, we get the theory, but how is this going to work in practice? It is not really easy to find out whether a person is ripping media or not. And we are not even talking about finding out whether it is meant to be for personal use or not. So how is this law going to be enforced?

We will see. Although we will probably not see anything.


Facebook Shopping Is Here!

This was only a matter of time. And now, Facebook has finally figured it out. Why having fan pages of shops without giving the fans an opportunity to actually buy stuff? Well, from now on, this will not be a problem. Shopping on Facebook will become real. Soon.

And it is already happening! Although only a few brands are participating and Facebook does not want to name them. Soon, everything will be available on Facebook.

However, prepare for the negative effect: more and more advertising and more and more sharing of your personal data and info. Well, someone has to pay.


Honest And Helpful InStyler Review

Desktop141-1024x595Having beautiful hair has been something I have dreamed of having for quite a long time now. Of course, I have gone to many different salons and had my hair treated and styled in many different ways. However, even with doing all of this, I never believed that I could get my hair to look truly beautiful. I’m talking beautiful like how beautiful the hair of many popular actresses are. Thankfully, I was introduced to InStyler which has allowed me to get the same quality of hair that the many Hollywood elite have. This review will be an honest and helpful review on InStyler.

Hairstyles and hair fashion

I like to discuss hairstyles and hair fashion with my friends on a regular basis. Often times, we talk about the current trends in hairstyles, and which ones we like and which ones we don’t. Furthermore, we love it when there is a big event on as we can compare the many different hairstyles that celebrities have. One day, I was surprised to find out that one of my friends had a truly beautiful hairstyle that looked absolutely identical to one of my favorite actresses. I immediately asked her about what salon was able to give her such beautiful hair. Thus, my jaw dropped when she told me that she got her beautiful hair at home.

2014-08-02-21-31-27_decoIncredible hair

She told me that she was gifted an InStyler hair iron from a good friend the other day, and that it has worked wonders for her. I was completely surprised that a hair iron that had been designed for use at home would be able to give someone such incredible hair. However, I knew that my friend was lying, so I knew that i would have to try out InStyler for myself. After all, there was a chance that the hair iron simply worked great for my friend and didn’t really work well for anyone else.


Multiple File Download Now On Google Drive

Google Drive app for Android has something new to offer to its users. It has undergone a few changes that will make the usage easier and more practical. From now on, you will be able to send or download multiple files at the same time. Of course, some changes needed to be done in order to make it possible for you to use this function. Also the contact section has been updated so that the sharing of files is easier too.

Another interesting thing is that last month the OCR capabilities – which allow editation of the scanned documents – within Google Drive were expanded with the added support for 200 languages.

Hope you find these updates helpful. Enjoy.


Getbevel Reviews Are Important To Be Cautious Reading

Getbevel reviews are important to think about carefully so you can know if they are going to provide you with the right product. If you’re thinking of shaving with their products, then this is the place to learn more. Here is a little information on finding great reviews.


shaving-Picking a review to trust can be tough to think about because if you don’t know who works with the company and who is really just writing a review. That’s why anything with a bunch of language for sales may need to be avoided at first.


Some people do provide a fair review to get a fair bit of press about their options, but you have to be careful to get yourself the right information. It may be best to stick with websites that let people vote on reviews, so only those that are detailed and true go up to the top. You can read read some reviews about shaving equipments from this source. There are many reviewers that are going to try to say that they like a product and that may be true, but if they mention no cons you should be skeptical.

Shaving quality

what-are-some-shaving-tips-for-men-1933796197-nov-23-2012-1-600x400Nothing is without its flaws, and so a bunch of reviews in one place with nothing to say about a product that’s bad may just be an ad website of some kind that is trying to get you to purchase. You’ll want to look for things like shaving quality, whether or not you can get the blades wet, and other pieces of information to keep yourself from wasting money.